lp4 assignment changing habits

Your assignment will be to outline a plan detailing how to change this habit in a 2 page essay.

Using the principles of operant conditioning, create a plan of how you can use reinforcers or punishers to change your habit. Remember: reinforcers are used to increase a behavior and punishers are used to decrease a behavior. After reading the material in this chapter, which will you use? What kind of schedule of reinforcement will you use? Why? Will you use the concept of shaping as you try to change this habit? You may want to consider using the steps of behavior modification (outlined in your textbook) to help with this assignment.

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Your essay should have an introduction stating the habit you will discuss and a conclusion discussing whether you think you will be successful. This should be a 2 page essay double spaced.

Type your responses in a Word document and submit this assignment to the dropbox “LP4 Assignment: Changing Habits.” You can navigate to this dropbox by clicking the “next” arrow at the top right of your screen. This assignment is worth 60 points and will be graded according to the scoring guide below.


Example of Operant conditioning

This has been described as a learning method that happens through reward and punishments (Blackman, 2017). For instance, a hardworking employee who always brings input to the company is applauded and is awarded additional benefits tends to get motivated. It is evident that the aspect of working hard leads to better results. In this scenario, other benefits are the rewards.

On the contrary, where there is fewer motivation employees are discouraged from working hard and as a result, lower productivity is witnessed.