market analysis 4

Conduct market research for an organization chosen by the members of the Learning Team. The purpose of the research is to explore reliable websites available online.

Resources available include the Department of Labor the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the statistical abstract of the United States Census as well as any industry reports available that are nonproprietary. You may use charts and graphs to support the analysis.

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Write a 700-to 1,050 word market analysis, in which you address the following: AMAZON IS THE ORGANIZATION CHOSEN

Please answer by bullet point.

• A discussion of labor trends for your organization’s market.

• Salary structure and compensation packages.

• An employment forecast (and/or employment trend analysis).

• An assessment of the availability of qualified labor in the workforce.

• A description of appropriate tools to use for forecasting, pricing, and labor market analysis for your organization.

• Projections with statistics that support your analysis.

• Potential external pressures that your corporation may face in the next three years based upon this data.

Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines.