mech measurements statistics assignment

NOTE – All datasets for this assignment were drawn from online datasets for use in statistics courses.

1. Download the file “Choclolate.xlsx” from Canvas. This file contains data on the weights of chocolate pieces from a factory. The target weight for these are 20 oz. Perform the following analyses on these data:

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a. Compute descriptive statistics on these data (including scatter plot).

b. Plot a histogram of the data (create the plot yourself – do not use the excel built-in histogram function)

c. Compute the 95% confidence interval for the sample mean

d. Determine if the mean of this sample is statistically different from the 20 oz target using the t-Distribution.

2. Download the file “Flow Meter.xlsx” from Canvas. This file contains data regarding pressure and weight in cryogenic flow meters. Perform a linear regression analysis on these data. Calculate the coefficients of the linear model on your own and check your work using the built-in excel function.

3. Download the file “Football vs Basketball Heights.xlsx” from Canvas. The file contains heights for basketball and football players. Perform a t-test to determine if the heights between these groups are statistically different.

4. Download the file “Sample_Dataset_2014.xlsx.” Ask two questions of the data (one regression and one hypothesis test), and perform an appropriate statistical test to answer the question.