media violence 1

Video Assignment: Media Violence issues

The Open Mind: Media Violence: Is there ‘reasonable ground’ to consider it a ‘Serious Evil’?

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Guest: Abrams, Floyd (28:44)

This is a video clip from the public broadcast network PBS’s “The Open Mind” serious.You may find few other related clips that are may be complementary to this one. You are encouraged to watch those related clips if you have additional time to do so.

After watching this assigned video of interviewing Floyd Abrams, do you agree that media violence is reasonably considered as serious evil? You should justify your arguments with sustainable evidence (research findings and professional suggestions, etc.) Some examples like someone watching many violent videos and conducted violent behaviors may not a good foundation to make it strong evidence supporting the idea that media violence begets violent behavior. It is equally likely that people who are violent would watch more violent videos. Please write two whole pages (12 points New Time Roman with a 1-inch margin on all sides) of your argument in this topic.

* Paper which is plagiarized from other sources will receive zero on this assignment. If you cite from studies, you should cite these sources on a separate page.

Some for you to consider the relationship between media violence and aggression/violence

  1. Many psychological studies, especially those on young children, found media violence may increase commitment in aggressive behavior and/or violence among the subjects/children.
  2. However, some argued that since women watch more TV programs of which many are violent one’s today, they should express more violent behavior. We do not observe the situation. In other words, media violence seems to be less influential as we thought.
  3. The sociological research found that media violence may have a short-term effect on aggression and/or violence, but many sociological studies reject media violence’s long-term effect on aggression/violence and claim the influence of media violence was exaggerated.
  4. Some others argued that people who are violent (in nature) are more interested in violence and it is their nature makes them enjoy violent media. That is why studies found the correlation between media violence and violent behavior. People who are not violent then will not enjoy or look for violent media. Media violence cannot affect everyone, but only those who are violent.
  5. As you read here, the relationship between media violence and violence is not as simple as you may think. The video is to inspire your critical thinking and maybe, also encourage you to further look for the evidence in this regard. Hope you enjoy some brainstorm with your friends, families and loved ones.