Methodology and Evaluation Plans

In 3 pages, provide your Methodology and Evaluation Plans.In developing the methodology for your project, keep these thoughts in mind:A project should undertake only activities that will move it toward the objectives.If any activities are not necessary for reaching the objectives, do not include them in the proposal.The methodology includes the day-to-day, week-to-week, and/or month-to-month activities that will be carried out during the project period.The Methodology includes:Program descriptionResearch designHuman subjects (sample)Study validity and reliabilityAssumptions and limitationsTime lineAnalysis (and/or see Evaluation below)Non-personnel resourcesFacilities, supplies, technology, etc.Any non-personnel resources that will appear in the proposal budget should be describedPersonnel resourcesWho will be assigned or hired?Management plan (Work plan)Who will be responsible for which activitiesWhat is the timeline associated with activities (first quarter, second quarter, third quarter, fourth quarter, ongoing)?How will the project be managed?The Evaluation Plan includes:Description of the specific criteria that will measure the success of the projectExplanation of data that will be collectedVerify if your grant application will require an institutional review board (IRB) approval.Explanation of the data collection plans at the beginning, mid-program, and final evaluationEvaluation instruments that will be used and an explanation of why these instruments were selectedPlans for writing the periodic reports to keep the funder updated