Midterm Exam for African History

HST 350

Fall 2017

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Midterm Examination Review 

Possible Identifications:

African Diaspora


Nile Valley civilizations



Columbian Exchange

Transatlantic Slave Trade

Slave societies

Societies with Slaves

Stono Rebellion

Ft. Mose

Task system

Haitian Revolution

Fugitive Slave Act

The Middle Passage

Possible Essay Questions:

The transatlantic slave trade is the most consequential and transformative aspect of the development of the African Diaspora. Discuss the development of the slave trade. Who was involved? What places and peoples were impacted? What was the human cost? How did the slave trade precipitate the diaspora? In Part One of Homegoing(Effia – Abena), how has Gyasi complicated our understanding of the slave trade and slavery? Does literature/fiction add to our historical understanding of the diaspora? If so, how?

Slavery established a racial hierarchy throughout the Diaspora. How did race-based slavery develop? How were racial differences codified in the law? Did racial slavery differ across the diaspora? If so, how?

During slavery, enslaved people used a variety of methods to resist their captivity. Discuss at least two methods with great detail.