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Mass marketing is a marketing strategy in which the company advertises its goods, services, or product to a wide scope of consumers, in other words, the masses (Keller & Kotler, 2016). The reasoning behind this, is the company hopes to appeal to many people from which it can tap a market. In this day in age, especially with the influx of social media, it would seem that mass marketing is dying. Although I would have to disagree. I don’t think mass marketing could ever really die out. A lot of companies can benefit greatly from mass marketing. It reaches the greatest potential market, which in turn leads to the lowest costs, which then leads to lower prices and higher margins. When the market of consumers has different wants and needs, marketers can define multiple ways to appeal to them (Keller & Kotler, 2016). But this is not the case with every company and every product. For example, telecommunication services are being used by a huge amount of people. These companies are the type that still benefit from mass marketing. Hygiene products are another type of product that is marketed to the masses. So mass marketing may not be the newest strategy of marketing, but it still has its benefits.


Is marketing in the form of mass advertisements a dying form? I do not believe it is dead and I am not sure if it will ever truly go away. I think that mass marketing could be a good marketing tactic for certain businesses at certain times. I think by using mass marketing, it is a great way to build an audience and let consumers be aware of certain products and markets. Though after establishing a customer base and clients, then the use of more refined market segmentation schemes are necessary. By using customer relationship management, companies are able to get to know each and every consumers personal preferences and “customize market, offerings, services, programs, messages, and media.” (Kotler and Keller, 2016). This is the new way to establish a long lasting connection and loyalty with your clients. More marketing will be leaning towards this technique as customers are looking for more of a personalized service.


Mass marketing has not been completely abandoned yet, but it is on the decline. More and more advertisements are becoming personalized. For example, when you log on to any one of the social media websites and are inundated with advertisements specifically catered to your personal habits online, and even your shopping habits with your bank cards. Everything we buy that can be tracked electronically makes a difference in how we are marketed to online. “Most marketing experts agree that mass marketing as we know it will fall by the wayside as more personalized trends take hold. Marketing Land, for example, predicts that smart marketers will leverage access to new levels of consumer information and provide mass personalization of offerings to woo consumers and drive growth.” Prestige Marketing 2017


Mass marketing is not dead just yet, but it’s on its way to the grave and will be arriving shortly. Prior to the 1990’s, marketing was all about creating advertising to push onto the consumer, whether they wanted it or not. Post 1990’s marketing has led to the era of building long term relationships with customers and giving the people what they want to see, when they want to see it. Gone are the days of interrupted and unwanted advertising, here to takeover is the new age of permission-based marketing. When you open your mailbox, turn on your cable TV or get a phone call in the middle of your dinner with a telemarketer on the other line, these are all ways that mass marketing interrupts people. “It’s based on taking your attention away from what you care about and redirecting it to something the marketer cares about. It’s based on a subtle but persistent form of violence” (Whetten, 2017). Nowadays, interruption-based marketing is being replaced by permission based marketing, also known as personalized marketing. In today’s world, mass marketing is going through drastic changes and constantly reinventing itself to be able to understand people’s needs better and create a better customer experience. Although mass marketing still exists, it is rapidly evolving into a more pleasant and personalized practice.


Mass marketing is a marketing strategy that purposes to ignore demographic differences within the market so as to reach the largest number of people. As such, mass marketing does not target a particular segment of the population, rather the whole of the population, or as much of it as can be reached. This said, brands majorly market their products through either targeted or mass marketing. Just like how Toys R Us was just trying to market to everyone and they did not realize that they should have tried narrow there advertisement target the parents and kids not everyone and they should have spread out with their advertising. To make others be aware of it because I do not have cable so i would not see the same advertisement as everyone else.


Take a position: Mass marketing is dead versus mass marketing is still a viable way to build a profitable brand. Mass marketing or undifferentiated marketing is a marketing strategy where companies decide to market to the mass population instead of niche marketing or differentiated marketing. In mass marketing they create a message that appeals to everyone, something general or simple so everyone can relate. I don’t believe mass marketing is dead but I do believe that only certain companies can benefit from mass marketing, like Coke Cola, Nike, car companies, cleaning products companies for the house hold and personal usage, bathroom products, items that anyone and everyone need to use. It is becoming easier for companies to use niche marketing with search engine companies selling our information. Mass marketing began when everyone was watching the same few channels on their television and reading the morning paper while drinking the coffee. Since the media has changed so much it has become harder for companies to continue to use mass marketing.