mobile marketing reflection discussion

This discussion will give you the opportunity to reflect on what you have learned about mobile marketing and its ever-changing nature.

In your initial post, reflect on what you have learned about mobile marketing in this course. Consider the following questions:

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  • What are the most relevant mobile marketing strategies for today’s businesses? What can give a business a competitive advantage?
  • Do you think mobile marketing will be useful to marketers in the future?
  • What are the trends that will have the highest impact on mobile marketing?
  • Why is it important to stay current in the field? Are there new career opportunities with marketing?

In responding to your peers(2), share your views on their thoughts about mobile marketing. Do you agree? Disagree? Give reasons for why you agree or have a different perspective. Remember to be positive and respectful. And have fun!

Refer to the Discussion Rubric for directions on completing these discussions.