module 04 course project application of research

Now you will create a 3-4 page research paper that gives an overall picture of what you have learned about your chosen culture and how this information can be applied to working with diverse families.

1. When writing a research paper, it is important to include an introductory paragraph with a thesis statement. Your thesis statement should be at the end of the paragraph and should clearly explain the point of your paper. To get started with a thesis statement, it is important that you organize the research you have gathered. Some examples of thesis statements include:

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The____culture is very conservative as demonstrated by____

The culture of____is very unique in____ ______ and_____

2. Once you organize your research and create a thesis statement, your paper will need to follow your thesis statement’s focus.

3. You should have gathered information on at least five of the following key area from the research on your chosen culture:



How children are raised

Contemporary life (such as food they eat, how they live-kinds of houses, styles of music, how they dress, and work they typically do today)

Social supports


Geographic and historical origins (sometimes there are many countries to consider, if so, you may want to choose just one).

For each of your five key points do the following:

a. Create a subheading

b. Include a paragraph that describes interesting facts about the key area that early childhood professionals should be aware of.

c. Include a paragraph that describes how the facts can apply to early childhood professionals, include examples of ways to respond to and interact with the families/culture based on what you learned about that key area.

d. Include a paragraph with specific ideas for supporting children or families of this culture. This is where you can give ideas for activities or resources that you suggest for professionals working with the families of this culture.

4.Your paper should include a conclusion paragraph and an APA references page.

You will not be able to report on everything in the research. (Remember, you have only a few pages for your paper). The key is to evaluate what you feel are some of the important points to know about your chosen culture. You should demonstrate that you support diversity and meeting the needs of all children and families in your work.