native english writer edit correct rewrite professional proposal

Going to give this another try since the first one turned out so poorly. The attached paper is written in substandard English, in some cases nonsense, has some obvious copy/paste pieces from the example that wouldn’t normally be there (section titles, paragraph headings) and fails to meet the instructions/requirements in several places (missing Table of Figures in paper and TOC, transmittal letter expertise section specified to be written in third-person was written in first-person, etc.) I would like for someone to go through the instructions and supplements, and make the paper correct. I don’t need a rewrite from scratch, but it needs to make sense, be APA formatted, actually address the RFP/background, and most important follow the task requirements. I’m including a key below to make sense of the attached documents.

NEED_REVISION_Cloud_Migration_Proposal.docx – The paper that needs to be revised.

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Instructions_Task_Requirements.docx – The actual instructions and requirements for the paper.

Instructions_Tips_and_Format_Example.docx – Tips for completing the paper and a basic example of the format.

Supplement_Request_for_Proposals-1.docx – The Request for Proposal (RFP) the paper is an answer to.

Supplement_RFP_Questions_from_Vendors.docx – Questions vendors asked of the RFP issuer for more guidance.

Supplement_Seamus_Company_Context.docx – Background information for the ‘company’ that issued the RFP.