need 200 words apa with in writing citations in response to a question

Based on my initial response below the follow up question was posted… I need 200 words (APA) in writing citations in response to the question

Rolls’ model is a substantive view of consciousness.Rolls attempted to explain how the mind processes through the use of neurons and synchronization to code data.He examined the use of visual perception through the brain.The detailed drawing demonstrated forward connections and top down back projections (Rolls, 2007).Furthermore, the synchrony of encoding may not be as important in the visual system (Rolls, 2007).Another key point, the ability of an individual to have damaged vision and yet be able to “see” in a particular fashion.Individuals who have damaged to the visual cortex may not be able to perceive the stimulus and yet he or she is able to detect motion, form or expression (Mandik, 2017).Rolls (2007) himself suggested the theories he presented were in the early stages and theories of consciousness would continue to expand and grow.The link between processing and consciousness is presented in great detail demonstrating a substantive view of consciousness.

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In your view, what needs to be added to Rolls’ theories to move them beyond these early stages? Why?

Rolls, E. T. (2007). A computational neuroscience approach to consciousness. Neural Networks, 20(9), 962-982. doi:10.1016/j.neunet.2007.10.001