need a 3 page short critical analysis paper on article quot predatory capatalism quot article will be provided



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You will utilize the article “Predatory Capatalism: Old trends and new realities by C. J. Polychroniou” to assist

you in formulating an argument. Chose at least three academic resources from your selected subject

area or discipline in tandem with your selected article to prepare a critical analysis of the topic being

discussed. Please prepare a somewhat detailed outline similar to the one below to help get your

thoughts in order. After preparing your outline and selecting subtitles and appropriate information, you

are ready to write your paper. When you submit your materials, please include your outline separately

from your final paper but submit them at the same time to the same link. The purpose of an outline is

to create a working document that you can then use to compose your paper. The more detailed the

outline, the more easily you can write your paper. Make your outline as detailed as you can, so you can

almost write your paper entirely from using your outline. It is a good habit to get into. This

outline/paper is due no later than Week 4 on Sunday by midnight.



Title of Paper – Your paper title should be descriptive of your topic: For Example:

The Positive

and Negative Aspects of Welfare Reform

II. Introduction to paper – Your subtitle to this section of the paper should be Introduction. Your

introduction should indicate something similar to the following: Utilizing the article “The

End of Welfare as I knew It,” (Spatz, 2013), and selected sociological literature, this paper

will conduct a critical analysis of the welfare system past and present followed by

recommendations of how to best revamp the system.


The End of Welfare as I Know it (Your subtitle for this section could be Article Summary or the

name of the article you selected). Be sure as you write the summary, you cite the author

of the particular article that you have selected intermittently within your review.

In this section, provide a summary of the contents of the article to be analyzed.


Literature Review

In this section you will discuss your literature from your field or fields of choice to discuss

the issue. Be sure that you cite (using APA formatting or whatever the appropriate

formatting is for the discipline that you have selected…research your discipline to determine

the appropriate formatting). Cite each of the three sources that you have selected each

time that you them in the body of the paper and be sure that you include a reference page

as well with the full citation at the end. Please use Purdue Owl for details on how to cite

appropriately. The website is:…


Critical Analysis

In this section, you will use your literature (at least three separate resources) to discuss the

points made by the article mixing in your own point of view (but professionally and not

directly). That means, do not use personal pronouns. Do not say I, we, etc. Explain how the

literature that you found discusses, agrees with, disagrees, with etc. the points made by the

article that you selected from the text. When discussing the text, do not refer to it as text,

refer to it by the name of the author of the article (not the editor ‘Finsterbusch’ but the

author of the particular article that you selected).


Summary, Conclusions and Recommendations

In this section, provide a summary (two to four paragraphs) of the entire paper and then

provide conclusions and recommendations based on the argument you have made

substantiated by your sources.

Additional Writing Directions

After you complete your outline and all of your facts and details are in order with citations, you are

ready to write your paper. Since the Social Sciences Master’s degree is composed of a variety of

disciplines each with their own selected writing format, you will want to look up the appropriate writing

style for your discipline. In general, Anthropology and History tend to follow the Chicago style writing

format while Sociology, Political Science and Psychology tend to follow the American Psychological

Association (APA) format. Whichever style you select, please look up the details and be consistent. I am

particularly interested in appropriate citations used in the body of the paper (to avoid plagiarism) and

your reference/bibliography page.

Please read the attached document to refresh your memory and clarify plagiarism. Plagiarism is taken

very seriously in the academic community and especially so in graduate school. There is no leniency

when it comes to plagiarism; it is considered stealing property. In brief, plagiarism means using any

information other than your own without giving appropriate credit to the source. Even if you

paraphrase (put materials into your own words), if this material was composed by someone else, you

must provide the citations. Most citations should include author of article, date of publication, website,

journal, book, etc. that it came from. Please see your appropriate discipline’s documentation on proper

citations. The internet contains excellent documentation for all popular writing style formats.

In beginning your paper, please include a separate cover sheet with your name, date, name of course,

assignment and title of paper. On the first page of your paper please provide the title of your paper and

then jump into your introduction. As you write your paper, follow your outline, providing the

information that you indicated you would be providing in each section. I have a preference for use of

subtitles, so please use subtitles as indicated in the outline. Citations should be included in the body of

the paper each time information is utilized from publishes sources. Additionally, you are to have either

a Reference page, Bibliography page or whatever citation page is used by your selected style format.

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding your paper.

You must follow these directions, to get the full amount of points. If you do not follow the directions,

I will not grade the outline/paper and will return it to you immediately. In graduate school as in the

career world, the most important thing is following directions. It can make all the difference.