need help with research question introduction and 1 non scholar article

Your introduction to the Annotated Bibliography is essentially “the story of researching your question; it should describe in detail your research process.” (This means you need to keep a detailed a log of your research process as you go forward.)

As with all formal writing assignments, you should assume your audience is someone not familiar with your project or our class, someone who is interested in funding or publishing the results of your project. Make sure you provide any context such a reader will need, including your initial question.

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Describe your research process, answering any of the following questions that are relevant. Where did you look? What search terms did you start out searching for? What challenges did you experience? How did you overcome those challenges? What surprised you in this process? How did your question change as you discovered what material was available in the scholarly literature or as you got into the actual research? What other sources besides scholarly articles were you able to find that specifically address your question?

Looking ahead, are there still things you need to find out to be able to answer your question? Be specific here. This is an important part of your introduction. Do you need more secondary research and if so what do you still need to learn? What might you do for your field study and how will that study help answer your question?

do not use big word, write as middle school can understand please

i am doing research on “culture shock on immigrants” but not really a culture shock more on acculturation

these are the question i have, not sure if it is useful for the articles i’ve found

what are the major causes of the cultural shock on immigrants?

What are the challenges when immigrants move to a new country?

What are the best strategies for overcoming those challenges?

articles i like to use for this project and 1 more non-scholar relate to this type of source if you can find 1

all of the scholar articles are from database and have to request it from the librarian and sent it to me

also, professor sent it to me…