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For the Final you will watch “Amadeus” and write a review in essay form. the final is due Friday, August 10th by end of day.

You will need to rent the movie, it is not currently streaming on Netflix but resourceful students have found it free online in the past.

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After viewing Milos Forman’s movie “Amadeus” write a 500 word review in essay form. Use newspaper/magazine reviews as models (do a google search, find what other writers have written in their reviews about this movie. Be sure to cite your source).

Hints; Review the movie as a movie, review the music within the movie, review the historical content of the movies ( again find sources and use their work but give them credit). Be objective as in the concert report but end with a subjective paragraph. A paragraph using each hint and you will easily have 500 words. Points will be taken off for essays less than 500 words.