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The purpose of this Assignment is to design a program evaluation proposal plan to evaluate the effectiveness of your proposed interventions. Your plan should include the following elements:

  • First, explain what type of program evaluation you will be conducting (needs assessment, process, outcome or efficiency evaluation, or a combination of two or more) and explain why this type of evaluation is most useful for your program interventions. (One page)
  • Next, explain the type of evaluation design, such as a pre-test, post-test, or post-test only design. (One page)
  • Last, explain the Data Collection Plan, including the Methods for collecting data (new or existing data, probably or nonprobability), Measurement tools and any threats to internal and external validity, and reliability. (One page)

Below is a list of potential measurement tools for new and secondary data collection:

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New Data (people):

  • Questionnaire
  • Interview-individual or group (explain type)
  • Focus Group
  • Participant Observations
  • Surveys (type)
  • Existing Data:
  • Existing reports

Secondary Data Analysis:

  • Census Data and Client and Program Data
  • Documents and Reports
  • Data Sets
  • Measurement Instruments (include Standardized Measurement Instruments)
  • Journals and Diaries
  • Logs
  • Inventories
  • Summative Instruments

The Unit 8 Program Evaluation Assignment must be a minimum of 3 pages (excluding title and reference page), utilizing a minimum of 3 sources.