option 2 human resources and business policy

Business policies are common in nearly any organization. Created by or at the direction of top management, business policies establish the guidelines or limits that lower-level managers and employees have in making specific decisions. For instance, the following are examples of business policies that would detail the expectations, and guidelines, for employee performance and conduct:

  • Dress code
  • Code of ethics
  • Outside employment
  • Equal opportunity
  • Attendance/time off
  • Substance abuse

In many organizations, a human-resources department will be charged by top management to create business policies and then ensure employees adhere to the tenets of the policies. For this assignment, your well-written paper should include the following:

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  • Choose an organization with which you are familiar or that you have studied and identify a business policy that is either poorly written or has not been developed by the organization.
  • Summarize the intent of this business policy and the importance to the organization that this policy be current and accurate.
  • As the human-resources professional, revise or create the business policy identified above, and then detail how best an organization can publicize this business policy to maximize employee knowledge.

Your paper should meet the following requirements: