personality type analysis

I will upload the instructions with scoring rubric below which must be followed. Follow the first chart don’t write on it. The second chart you have to fill it.
Here is a little addition: my friends’ type of personality, and it would help for identifying what the rubric needs:
My personality type Abdullah Alyami: ESTJ which means: Extravert (27%).Sensing (16%). Thinking (1%). Judging(3%)
Temidayo Adeleke: INTJ which means 22% introvert, 38 % intuitive, 12% thinking and 53 % judging.
Suya Bao:
ISTJ : Introvert 12% Sensing 16% Thinking 3% Judging 41%.

Ariana Tuteum: ISTJ- Introvert(38%) Sensing(38%) Thinking(6%) Judging(22%).

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Zeead Shawket: Extravert (41%) Sensing (3%) Feeling (34%) Judging (12%)
Ellie Mercadante: ESFJ Extrovert 28%Sensing 3%Feeling 50%Judging 6%