please answer the following by numbers were supporting references

1. There are many questions that arise in the field of Human Resources. Some are easy to quantify with numbers, while others are very much more subjective. There are also times when both types of data would be helpful; for example, retention can be both quantitative and qualitative. The quantitative measure would include the rate of turnover; but that information may only be valuable if quantitative information is available to help understand why the numbers are what they are.

When are: (1) quantitative and (2) qualitative research approaches most appropriate?

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2.Can you think of some examples in the human resources field where you may want both types of data? What would be some topics where this information would be helpful?

3.Review the information on this website and select data that would be helpful to your industry in evaluating the labor market. Discuss how the selected information could be applied to recruitment, compensation, and planning.

4.Based on the current unemployment rates (which are low in most areas), how would you use this data to influence the hiring process? For example, would you change pay/benefits? Or, would you change hiring criteria with the idea that you could train? Does it depend on the industry?

5.Analyze current HR trends for pay structures, labor, and succession planning.

6.Determine appropriate tools for forecasting, pricing, and labor market.

7. Use exploratory research methods to conduct a market analysis