please choose one of the following topics and use the links to answer

instructions: Review the following guidelines in full and engage in a discussion activity based on the question below.

Visit the National Institute of Nursing Research website: NINR Strategic Plan. Locate the pdf file titled, “The NINR Strategic Plan Advancing Science” and read pgs.1-10 to learn about the mission, goal, and six research focus areas of NINR. Read pgs.10-32 to gain a detailed understanding of the six priority areas of research listed.

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Visit Healthy People 2020 and review the 42 topic areas listed from A-Z.

As you read, contemplate the following question:
To advance the science of health, what investment priority area(s) would you choose from NINR priority areas OR from Healthy People 2020 to conduct research? Choose ONE topic area and discuss why you would like to choose the topic.

  1. Initial post: Your answer for the above question must be minimum 300 words in length. Edit your work for grammar, spelling and run-on sentences. Include one or two resources to support your ideas in APA style.

I will send the rubric in a bit