poetry assessment 1


Lesson 1 Poetry Assessment

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Click on the link below to open this teacher-graded assignment. Complete it at your own pace, making sure to use complete sentences with proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation throughout. Save your work as a WORD (.doc) file and choose “attach file” in the assignment submission area to upload your work. Choose “Submit” to send your work to the teacher for grading.

Please check for the Plagiarism

Editing Checklist (cut and paste to comment box when turning in work)

Insert your initials in each blank to show you have checked your work for these items:

___ All of my sentences start with capital letters

___ All my sentences end with a period, question mark, or exclamation mark

___ All my sentences are in paragraphs

___ All of my paragraphs have at least 4 sentences

___ I skipped a line between paragraphs

___ I included my Academic Honesty Statement