portfolio assignment option 2

You have been selected to be a participant on the hit television show, Shark Tank, to present before the panel of investors an item that you would like to manufacture. You do not actually need to manufacture something, but will proceed through the assignment as if you were planning on manufacturing the item you have selected. The product should require materials and labor and be something that you are familiar with in process from start to finish. The product must be useful and marketable. You can choose something as simple as making chocolate chip cookies, a type of craft, or something more complicated. Consider production as if you were making the product from beginning to end, and not as if using a kit.

Perform the following steps to help prepare yourself for the show:

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  1. Determine the break-even point in units and dollars. Also, determine the number of units and dollars that need to be sold to make a target profit of $5,000 a month.
  2. Identify what types of trends you should be aware of in the industry and who the primary competitors are.
  3. Develop a balanced scorecard for a company that will sell your product, indicating:
    • two financial
    • two internal business processes
    • two customers
    • two learning and growth key productive indicators that will serve as the basis for your product strategy.

Based on your costing scenario and information gathered from items #1-6, develop viable targets for these key productive indicators. Name an initiative the company can take to ensure the target is met.

Your final project should include a 5-slide PowerPoint summary presentation that addresses each of these different areas. Detailed information supporting items #1-8 should be in Word or Excel as detailed herein. Steps #1-5 will involve numerical calculations in Excel and #6-7 should be put into Word in proper format and included as part of the presentation. Your detailed submission should be at least 3-6 pages (Word documents should be double spaced) and follow the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements, including a properly formatted references page. You should also cite at minimum 5-6 references including the course textbook. Be sure to review the Portfolio Project grading rubric.