project change control methodology

A key component of effectively managing a project is controlling project change; applicable to project integration management (Perform Integrated Change Control). For this individual assignment, you will search through professional journals to develop a generic project change control methodology that would be appropriate for most projects. The methodology or process will include the following elements:

1. Change control procedures – what are the policies and procedures for approving, validating, and implementing change?

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2. Change control plan – a brief outline of how changes will be managed/controlled.

3. Change control meetings and communication – describe how you will conduct change control meetings and communicate project changes to stakeholders.

4. Change authorization procedures – what are the levels of authority for reviewing/approving/implementing changes?

5. Change control system(s) – What are the project management information systems (PMIS) used for tracking and controlling changes (include at least one example of a template as part of your change control system).