protein denaturation chemical reaction equation

This is Protein denaturation experiment, use egg white

Test Tube #

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Egg White amount with Reactant(s):



3mL Egg White with 30 seconds of applied heat

Changed to a cream like substance


1 mL Egg White, 3 mL of water and 3 mL of nitric acid

Created two layers. Top layer was more yellow; looked like a cooked egg


3 mL Egg White and 5 mL of 95% Ethanol

Created two layers and after shaking test tube it created a “tornado” like spiral


3 mL of Egg White and 5 drops of 5% Silver Nitrate

Chunky egg pieces at bottom of test tube with a milky layer on top


3 mL Egg White with 1.5 of 5% Trichloroacetic Acid

Thin, milky consistency. White color

I need 5 Chemical reaction equation

1. Heat Reaction:

2. Inorganic Acid Reaction: HNO3

3. Alcohol Reaction: C2H5OH

4.Heavy Metal Reaction: AgNO3

5. Organic Reaction: trichloroacetic acid