psychiatric hospitals 1

In the subject line, put: “Last name, First name (Week 10).” As an example, your subject line should look like: Paul, Patrice (Week 10). Both posts are due by 11:00pm on Saturday 8/4/18.

Initial Post (minimum of 5 meaningful sentences per prompt; cite something from the reading(s) with page number for one of the prompts):

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  1. Discuss something you found interesting in the required readings.
  2. Describe one main challenge of working in a psychiatric hospital.
  3. Of the settings studied in this course, which one do you feel is your best fit? Why? (This is pure reflection, so no citing is required.)

Response Post (minimum of 5 meaningful sentences): Respond to a classmate’s post.

Password: PSYC640

Child/Adolescent Inpatient

Password: PSYC640