quot what work is quot response discussion

Link to poem: https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poems/52173/what-…

I would like you to read this poem all the way through, in one sitting, and, once again, give yourself a little time to think about what you’ve just read, and what you think Levine’s main point might be.

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Write down, in one or two clear sentences, your idea about the poem’s point or argument. Then, go back and read the poem again. As you go through it, pay special attention to any specific words, phrases, sentences, passages, etc, that seem to demonstrate the argument/point that you have just identified, just as you did before. You must select a minimum of three pieces of textual evidence. For each, first type out the quote, then write at least three sentences to explain how this piece of text supports your idea about the poem’s argument or main point.

So, the minimum post you will make should again look like this:

-Levine’s argument/point

-Textual evidence #1

-3 sentences of explanation

-Textual evidence #2

-3 sentences of explanation

-Textual evidence #3

-3 sentences of explanation