reflect on the ethical posture of a multinational corporation you will research a multinational company and investigate its ethical policies and practices 1

My multinational company I have chosen is Nike, INC.

1. Please write a summary of the most salient information that describes the ethical policy of the corporation.

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2. Evaluate and describe how the corporate ethical policies, values, and perspectives may differ across different cultural groups, or whether for example the corporate practices and ethic statement addresses cultural and legal issues that may vary across nations or cultural groups.

3. Compare how the corporate ethical policies, values, and perspectives differ or are similar to your Professional Ethics Statement. Based on this comparison would you be a good fit to work for this company? Why or why not?

Attached is my Professional Ethics Statement in order to get an idea of my stance. Also attached is a link to Nike’s ethics policy page.…

Word Count needs to be minimum 1000 words.