reflection 66

Deliverable 5 is a 250-500 word reflection describing what decisions you made while tailoring your resume to the specific job you selected for this project. You may focus on any decisions you feel are important for me to understand. Here are some sample questions if you need help getting started:

  • How did the particular job you applied for affect how you wrote your resume? Did it change or affect how you presented yourself? How did applying for this position help you understand aspects of your experience you might need to develop more?
  • Briefly describe and explain one of the significant revisions you made to this document after your initial draft.
  • How well did you plan your work on this project? What might you have done differently?
  • Which research resource proved to be the most beneficial for you? The least? Explain. What did you learn about the particular job field before composing your resume?
  • What was one way that peer feedback helped you improve your work? Did looking at the work of others help you get a sense of how you wanted to revise your own work?

Again, these are optional questions, and you should feel free to talk about your work however you like.

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