research paper outline 18

Students will complete an outline that summarizes their research paper. The outline should clearly state the thesis of the paper and should cite 10 peer reviewed journal articles, which will be used in the research paper. You will not get credit for the citations unless the articles are peer reviewed journal articles. It should also include a full APA style reference page. Your outline should be more descriptive than one word headings but should be brief phrases that make it clear what will be covered. Start your outline with a brief paragraph that summarizes your paper and addresses potential solutions to your issue (if your paper is about an issue or problem). Also, in the introduction section of your outline, you should address why your paper topic is important. An example is under the Helpful Tools link and is attached here. Please review the grading rubric before starting.

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Topic name was : Parenting style in African Americans

I’ll attach the Research paper proposal and bibliography you did for me.

It will be nice if you look again on the sources to confirm they are peer reviewed journals. Additionally you may add 1-2 more journals.

Please be extra careful on APA and other details. There is no word requirement. But looking at Outline example, a brief explanation of the introduction, evaluation and studeis etc required. Please review the outline example and grading rubric and write as per your experience.