research planning matrix

Research Planning Matrix. Each of the different

research designs is defined for you. To complete the matrix, you must

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find an example of each type of research design. That is, you must find a

journal article that fits into each category. In the Examples column of

your matrix, place a web link or a citation in the APA format for each

article. After you have located the articles, you must identify the data

collection techniques used by each author, the quantitative and

qualitative elements of each article, and the chief characteristics of

each article. Please note that the first example, survey research, has

been completed as an example.

  • Access the Research Planning Matrix and review the topics to be addressed.
  • Complete the matrix so that the end product compares the different research designs, data collection techniques, and quantitative and qualitative elements, as well as the chief characteristics of each research design.
  • Prepare a synthesis statement that outlines the most significant similarities and differences observed among the items shown in the matrix.

You will submit two documents for this assignment: the completed Research Planning Matrix, which will be submitted as a Microsoft Excel worksheet, and a synthesis statement, which will be submitted as a Microsoft Word document.