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During this course I learned how to Plan an online course. During the process of this online course I had to come up with a course proposal title & description and then come up with a rationale for selecting this course and an institution in which this course will be taught online. In addition, I had to provide the following information: course design model; instructional strategies & collaboration; the importance of community with an online course; faculty role & professional development; assessment plan.

In today’s job market, communicating your qualifications to potential employers is extremely important. You may be required to demonstrate how your skills will better serve an organization and “sell” your potential value to the employer. When applying for jobs you will usually want to use a cover letter to highlight where your training/degree will be of the most benefit to the organization. Therefore this exercise is an opportunity to “sell” yourself to a hypothetical employer.

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Assume you have the opportunity to apply for a position that requires online teaching skills. Use one of the job sites listed below in the Web Job Resources to research possible positions. Write a cover letter and resume that you can submit to a potential employer. In the cover letter, make sure you include a paragraph that describes how your current and future training will add value to the job position. The paragraph should reflect what you have learned so far from this course. Make sure you review the resources in the Career Center for this Assignment.

Web Job Resources

Higher Ed Jobsâ„¢

Inside Higher Ed Job Search

The Chronicle of Higher Education Job Search