short essay 100

Homework 1

Due: Sep 7, 2018 at 11:59 PM

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Homework 1

Part A: What is your major? Why are you taking Human Behavior? Which field (Psychology, Criminal Justice, or Political Science) do you think will be most interesting?

Part B: Pick part of an assigned reading, (from your texts in Psychology or Sociology), and summarize it, relating how it Interests you in your field of study. In other words, go to the table of contents in your texts and find a chapter of interest and apply it to your major and why it’s of interest to you. Have fun with it!


  • Appropriate in-text citations and references
  • 1 page (approximately 1 paragraph for Part A, 1 for Part B)
  • APA format (including in-text citations plus a reference page)
  • Must be in the student’s own words with no direct quotations
  • No websites may be used as sources
  • Turnitin score less than 10%

Please avoid plagiarism and avoid referring me as an American citizen cause I’m an international student.

Also, my major is criminal justice with planning on getting a minor in political science for more ideas. And my opinion in criminology field human behavior is important for investigating purposes