sociology new empires the reach and frontiers of the tech sector 1000 words only

Question 1

Based on your own research of secondary sources and course materials, students are required to complete the following tasks:

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(1) Outline the need for policy measures in US, China and/or Singapore to close the gap between the digitally literate versus others who are unable to access the internet and/or unable to use digital tools/technologies offered by the tech giant companies (e.g. apps, social media, big data, etc.).

(2) Illustrate these policy measures with examples in data application/analysis, training/retraining digital skills and/or other measures.

(3) State the effectiveness of these measures in tapping into the economic opportunities offered by digital companies (that often move fast to capture market shares with new technologies).

(4) Discuss why their government’s policy measures complement the rise of these US/Chinese tech giants.

(Note: The preparation of a progress report is to ensure that students take charge and manage their studies/projects/research work. It is not expected to be a final article on your research but rather what you have researched, accomplished or written so far. The word length of the paper is 1000 words.)

In writing this progress report, three features must be included:

(a) A thesis statement;

(b) A brief literature review followed by analysis of those sources.

(c) Footnotes (Chicago style) and APA format bibliography.

References in APA format please

(The word limit is strictly enforced and pertains only to the main text. It excludes the bibliography, in-text citations, figure captions and the cover page. Figures are optional but lengthy text embedded in any figure will not be marked as they do not count towards the word limit.)

General Guidelines (Must follow)

1. No cover page required

2. 1,000 word limit excluding Footnote and Bibliography

3. Arial Font Size 12

4. Follow all requirements and marking rubrics in the documents attached

5. Find secondary sources mainly from and Date of sources must be 2015 till present date, cannot be earlier than 2015.

6. Good written and comprehensible English

7. Must have a few policy measures present in the report

8. Structure of the Progress report (Acts like a literature review) :

1. Introduction (With thesis statement at the last portion of the introduction)

2. Main Content (All the four points under question 1 in the first document)

3. Conclusion

4. Bibliography (Chicago)

*Footnote in chicago style for the entire report*

9. The second document attached is a good reference for a decent literature review. Please have a look at it as a gauge. (Optional)

Other than that, before starting the assignment it is important to first define what is digital literacy and what constitutes digital literacy, and research on the reasons to account for the gap between literacy and illiteracy.