starbucks marketing analysis mobile and app

The purposes of this case study (attached) are to consider whether mobile apps can effectively drive loyalty and grow a customer base, and to identify which of Starbucks’s marketing tactics had the greatest impact on their business.

Many customers of Starbucks complete their transactions through the mobile app.

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  1. Which Starbucks Rewards feature in the mobile app is most valuable to the company?
  2. Could Starbucks have been as successful if it had offered only a physical Starbucks Rewards card, and never introduced an app?
  3. Do you think Starbucks has overlooked a social media touchpoint that could be valuable to the company?
  4. Which features and rewards are the most important for remaining relevant to customers in the future?

Your answer should be 4 pages (Times New Roman, 12-point font size, double space). Please include an executive summary as part of the 4 pages.

Reference and cover page not included in page count.