student engagement strategies script

The purpose of this assignment is to analyze ways to engage different learners in the English language arts classroom.

Examine the following prompts. Choose ONE. Then, write a 500-750 word script addressing the selected scenario:

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1. Raul is a sophomore high school student in your English class. He excels in some areas of schooling, including orchestra and physical education classes, but struggles in your class because he is an English language learner with intermediate level proficiency who also shows disinterest in the technical / functional texts taught in your class. You have asked students to read a technical manual for a machine or product found at home. You then ask students to make up a product of their own and write a technical manual for the product. Raul appears disinterested in the assignment, as well as reading and writing in general. Many teachers have labeled Raul as “at risk.” You decide to have a discussion with Raul in class to try to improve his engagement levels with the curriculum.

2. Maeve is a senior high school student in your English class. She also has an IEP for dyslexia and in-class accommodations to support her learning. She is social, friendly with everyone, and loves interacting with her peers and discussing class topics, but she shuts down whenever she is asked to read and write about persuasive topics. You asked the class to read a variety of persuasive texts, including editorials. You then asked the class to write their own editorial on a topic of their choice. Maeve came to you crying after class one day explaining that she did not want to write the assigned editorial. You discuss the issue with Maeve.

In your script, you should engage in a conversation with the student. Discuss and select strategies that would support his/her learning needs. Clearly explain to the student how these strategies will help him/her learn and why.

Ensure that the strategies selected are based on engaging instructional choices rather than punitive methodologies (e.g., a strategy that can shift students’ attention rather than result in suspension or demerits).

Your completed Student Engagement Scenario Script will be assessed based on the following criteria: a realistic script using proper script formatting, selection and discussion of appropriate instructional strategies to improve student engagement, clear explanation for the selected strategy, and proper citation of at least three sources in MLA Style.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the MLA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.