summary and prewriting assignment

Read the following essays

Multitasking Increases Study Time, Lowers Grades by Colin Poitras

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Believe it or not, dads can multitask, too by Nevin Martell

The Multitasking Debate by Dr. Todd Senft

After you have completed the readings above, choose one of the essays to summarize.

1. Summary (20 points) Due before midnight Sat. 9-1
Write an “Outline Summary” as shown on p.75 in Joining the Conversation.
Summary requirements:

  • First sentence identifies author, title, main point. See the Main Point Summary on p. 74.
  • Weave in a key phrase in the first sentence–NOT a full-sentence quote. Just a phrase, 2-4 words that are central to the essay.
  • Weave in three more key phrases as shown in the sample summary.
    No full-sentence quotes.
  • Use MLA format. (See video) Cite essay on Works Cited page.

2. Prewriting: Responses and Thesis (20 pts.) Due Tu 9-4
Next write a paragraph of response to the essay you have summarized for each of the following headings. Type in each heading on the assignment.