the radicalism of the reformation

I will attach the direction of the outline/topic. Please abstain from using any online sources, I will provide you with four sources (I will attach them).

but the outline and topic should be about:

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The Reformation movements of the 16th century drastically reshaped the lives of Catholic Europeans creating new churches, imposing new methods of worship, redefining social structures, and creating strife at the local and international levels. For the essay attached are the sources 1. Martin Luther’s “95 Theses” 2. Luther’s“Treatise on Marriage”, 3. John Calvin’s “Institutes of the Christian Religion”, 4. Jeanne de Jussie’s “The Short Chronicle”, and develop an argument discussing at least 3 ways in which the Reformation was a radical movement. Explain in your arguments why these 3 aspects would have been considered radical during the 16th century using your Merriman textbook and your lecture notes for background information. You may focus on aspects like ideology, practices, or events described in the sources.