topic 1 dq 2 9

Please write a paragraph with your opinion based on the text bellow. Please include citations and references in case you need to used for the question:

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A geopolitical community refers to any community connected by geographical and political identities, boundaries or heritage. (Enrico,2018). This student believes factors which may influence the choice of individuals to live a geopolitical community may include but are not limited to heritage, cultural or political homogeneity, employment and other economy-related considerations.

This student lives in the geopolitical community of Dallas, Texas. It is geopolitical because Dallas is recognized as one of the 254 counties which make up the State of Texas. It also has a recognized land mass of about 385.83 square miles and has a mayor as the recognized political head of the Dallas geopolitical community. (United States Census Bureau, 2017). The current mayor of Dallas is Mike Rawlings.

The term ‘phenomenological community refers to a group of people with identical aspirations, interests, goals and belief systems. Sharing the same geographical location is not an ingredient of phenomenological communities. (Maurer & Smith 2017). This student sees himself as a member of the Dallas county phenomenological community. Admittedly, Dallas is a humongous geographical area populated by individuals of diverse races, cultures, religions, sexual orientations and economic levels. However, this student sees all residents of Dallas as members of his phenomenological community because to live in Dallas, all persons must share an identical belief in obedience to the law, respect for human dignity, recognition and tolerance of the unavoidability of diversity. Of course, there are deviants and they pay huge prices any time the long arm of the law catches them.

Community health nurses who provide care for different communities have many challenges and benefits. The challenges include the illiteracy of many patients who need their services, complexity of diversity, apathy, non-compliance, poverty, lack of necessary supplies, drugs and amenities and poor remuneration. The benefits include psychological satisfaction and opportunities for direct interaction with members of the community. The major challenge of caring for members of similar communities include the fact that challenges noted in one community would most likely appear in the next one. The benefit of caring for similar communities is the opportunity to transfer the knowledge acquired while caring for one community to the next community with minor modifications. Similarly, the major advantage of caring for members of the same community is the homogeneity of multiple patients which enhances planning and execution of care plans. Conversely, the major disadvantage is the duplication of problems and lack of variety which may breed boredom.

Possible solutions to the challenges include but are not limited to public enlightenment, formal education, poverty-eradication incentives, multidisciplinary approach to problem solving and the involvement of members of such communities in the drawing up of appropriate care plans.


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