Total Quality Control (TQM)

Management Position
Student’s Name


Quality control manager

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It is one of current management position in today’s companies that wants to maintain a
good business image to customers. The manager's primary role is to ensure that the products
produced meet the standards of the client.

The main themes in the advert

The job description is one of the main themes in the job advert. In this section, the hiring
company explains the job position that it is seeking for someone to fill. It is usually on the top of
the job advert. The second theme is duties and responsibility associated with the post. On this
part, the company hiring for the services outlines the duties and responsibility of the job
advertised. This section displays what exactly the company want the individual being hired to
deliver in the company.
The third theme is the part outlining the requirements and benefits associated with the
post. This section will state whether the job is in contract form or permanent, the location, salary
and other conditions needed to fill the post.

The main core competencies

Managing change is one of the core competencies need to feel the post. This involves the
ability to support innovation and new ideas that can enhance effectiveness and efficiency in the
organization (Cenedella and Rothenberg, 2010). The second competency is the ability to develop
others through delegating duties and coaching them (Richman, 2012). The third one is the ability
to develop focus and commutate goals to support the business mission.


How I align with the employers need

The job post is related to my career of study.

Qualifications that I have that align with the employer needs

I have academic qualifications which they are looking for. Also, I can work as a team and
influence other toward achieving set goals.

Gaps between what I have and what the employer needs

The employer is looking for a more experienced person than me. Also, I have not
registered with the quality control career body.

How to overcome the gaps

I will register with the relevant career body and also work for more years to gain

What I have gained to face my future employer interview

Through my studies, I have acquired a lot of skills that would help me face the interview
panel precisely. I have gained enough knowledge to express myself to the interview panel beside
having enough confidence to face the panel.



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