unit 4 government assignment

Assignment – Job Performance

Throughout history, different presidents are viewed as having done a good job while in office, and others are seen as not having been so effective. Your task in this assignment is to research and evaluate our current president. Think about the following issues:

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  • How well is the president doing in terms of our relationship with other nations?
  • What type of relationship does the president have with Congress?
  • Are things getting done in Washington?

Research information about our president’s job performance and write a 2-3 page persuasive essay (one that attempts to convince others to agree with your opinion) explaining your views on the quality level of our president’s job performance. Be sure to use examples from your research to back up your explanation.

Include a list of at least 3 sources at the end of your paper. When your work is complete, submit it to your instructor for grading.

Point value: 50 points

Grading Rubric:

  • Bibliography including at least 3 different sources is included – 10 points
  • Essay is between 2-3 full pages in length – 10 points
  • Essay is persuasive, shows the student’s own point of view, and does not stray from that point of view – 15 points
  • Essay is factual, containing accurate information to back up the student’s point of view of the current president; must include discussion of foreign relations, workings with Congress, and whether things are getting done by the government under this president’s administration – 15 points