watch two movies before the flood last call at the oasis and answer and finish two assignments

“Last Call at the Oasis” offers a stark report of the state of water use in the modern world. Please reflect on the following questions and answer them in writing and submit your thoughts online, through Ulearn.

  • What locations in the U.S. does the film focus on?
  • What other areas of the world are experiencing problems with water supply?
  • What did you know or believe about the global water supply before seeing this film?
  • Why might water shortage effect how hotels operate?
  • What are some possible solutions to the global water crisis that the film presents?
  • What technological innovations have (and have not) proven to work? What are the obstacles to implementing technological innovations on a large scale?

Climate Change; is there hope?

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Before the Flood: Please watch the documentary and answer the following questions on the concerns over anthropogenic (human caused) climate change. What changes can we make to minimize our own carbon footprint and leave a better planet for future generations?

  • What are greenhouse gases and what processes produce them?
  • How much do cow-farts contribute to global emissions?
  • What role has the past 35 years of industrialization of China had on air quality and pollution?
  • What are the good news regarding renewable energy in China?
  • What percentage of land in the USA is used for agricultural production?
  • What is the relationship between global atmospheric CO2 concentrations and rising sea levels?
  • What are the five nations accounting for the largest emission of greenhouse gases?
  • What are the major CO2 generating factors in the operation of hotels, and what can we do to minimize the carbon footprint of hotel operations?
  • Does the documentary give us any indication for hope for the planet?