watch videos write answer

I. Documentaries- Watch the video, tell me what it was about, what you learned and most importantly, what you think about it. Report must be 2 pages double spaced. If you don’t share what you think about it, no credit will be issued.

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  • Cowspiracy-10 available points- The story of raising beef for food
  • Plasticized-10 Available Points- The story of human obsession with plastic and the impact it has
  • The Cove 20 Available Points- Available on Netflix- The story of the Dolphin Drives In Japan- Available on Netflix.




II- Short Videos with answers to questions: Watch the following short videos and answer the questions I’ve asked. I’m expecting to see at least 4-5 sentences per question.

  • Prince EA- Man vs Earth- 5 Available Points
  • Landfillharmonic- 5 Available Points-Guaranteed to change your view on the definition of trash-…
  • How Wolves Change Rivers- 5 Available Points- The reintroduction of the Grey Wolf-
  • How Whales Change Climate- 5 available Points- How Whales remove Carbon from the atmosphere-


  • What are your feelings and thoughts of humans existing on the planet for the equivalent of only three seconds in a 24 hour day? Explain your viewpoint in detail
  • After watching this video, what environmental issues are you now aware of that you weren’t before? What problems do they cause and to whom?What do you think causes them?


  • After seeing the short video, Landfillharmonic today, has your opinion of what we refer to as “Trash” changed? How?
  • Name three things you use on a regular basis that could be reused or recycled? What are they made of and how will it help the planet to recycle them?


  • Tell me your impression of the video. Why do you think the Grey Wolf is important to the ecosystem?
  • Explain how the introduction of the Grey Wolf into Yellowstone National Park changes the flow of the rivers.


  • Were you surprised that whales can have such an impact on climate change? Tellme three things you learned from the video
  • Do you believe humans impact climate change? Regardless of your answer, tell me why or why not?


III. Take your Carbon Footprint (5 available points for entering your data, running the calculator and providing ways you can reduce your footprint)…

Enter your data, print out the results and submit. How big is your carbon footprint? Please provide 3 easy things you can do now to reduce your carbon footprint today.