web page programming javascript lab


For this lab, you will create a page that displays a colored message based on the number entered and calculated. You must use a script to calculate the total numbers entered on the page. Based on the total calculated you will change the Message color. The page must have an input box and a submit button. You should format the message using standard HTML and CSS.

You should use CodeAnywhere to create the page and script.

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Lab Submission:

Copy your page source (including the Javascript) into a word document / or Canvas assignment page.
Give the URL used to test your project in CodeAnywhere.
Screenshot of your completed page.
Requirements: Note: You MAY NOT copy anything from the web to complete this lab. You must hand code this lab. Your lab must include the following page content. The styling of the page and the message displayed is your choice. Be careful to not make the page so amazing that you forget the basics of the assignment.

Required Page Content:

Your calculated number is: <insert calculated number>

Input Control
Submit Button
Note: Change the color of the text based on the calculated total.

If value is 3 color = ‘Red’

If value is 6 color = ‘Yellow’

If value is 10 = ‘Green’