what is the relationship between customer retention and customer service

What is the relationship between customer retention and customer service?

Many customer focused organizations implement a customer service training program. If you are currently employed (or have been in the past), is there a customer service training program available to you? If so, have you been able to attend or be exposed to this training? Please share your thoughts regarding the training with the class.

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Even if you have never been exposed to one, please discuss the type of customer service training program you will create and/or implement to improve your chances at success as a business owner.

What topics will you include in the training?

How will you deliver this training to your employees (via video, documentation, live meeting etc…)?

How will you assure that your team not only meets the guest expectations, but exceeds them as well?

I look forward to your ideas.

Instructions: Your initial post should be at least 250 words