write an outline for it and tell me to write this paper

Choose one place that has special meaning for you. Explain why it is your center of the world and then persuade your readers that this is a valuable, worthwhile place.

  • Include clear examples from your own experience. Research data may also be included, but the description of how and why this place is considered to be your ‘center of the world’ must come from personal experience.
  • Show insight into why others should value this place. The ultimate goal is to convince the readers that they should add this place to their collection of ‘centers of the world’.
  • The paper should be 5 pages minimum in length, have a clear introductory paragraph, comprehensive thesis statement, include at least 3 main reasons to support your opinion, and a persuasive conclusion.
  • Any outside data should be cited properly using APA citation style. (See the course syllabus for typing format.)
  • This should not be a comparison/ contrast paper or informative only. Your essay should be an example of the American formal academic essay style.
  • Remember to keep the persuasive focus by expanding on the benefits of your chosen place.