writing an analysis of media messages

Write an analytical essay in which you analyze and evaluate the techniques used in World War II propaganda.

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I have attached the rubric to the bottom

Check List:


  • My topic is clear and focused
  • I provide accurate, important details to support my main ideas
  • I anticipate the readers’ questions and provide answers in my work


  • I have an inviting introduction, well-constructed paragraphs, and a satisfying conclusion
  • My work is organized sequentially, logically, and effectively
  • I use effective transitions throughout my work that make my meaning clear and help readers move through the text


  • My content and ideas–and the way I express them–match the purpose and audience
  • I use natural, engaging language
  • When someone reads this text, it will be clear to them that I care about and understand the topic

Word Choice

  • My words are specific and correctly used so my readers will know exactly what I mean
  • All of my words and phrases are natural, effective, and appropriate; some of them are also memorable and powerful

Sentence Fluency

  • My sentences are put together well and in a way that enhances the meaning
  • I use a variety of sentence lengths and structures in my work
  • When I read my work out loud, it flows well and has rhythm


  • I have reviewed my spelling, capitalization, and punctuation for correctness
  • My grammar, paragraphing, and usage are correct and help me define my style while also communicating clearly


  • The formatting suits the purpose of the work
  • I use the appropriate amount of white space on the page
  • I use appropriate fonts, font size, titles, and heading