writing essay assignment daodao

Total word count: 350

We’re going to do that first by discussing the two editorials (“Be Kind to Your Reader” and “Please Read and Write This way”) and the accompanying research article “Secondhand Smoke…

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After reading all three, post your reactions to the editorials and the academic article. I’m looking for at least three decent paragraphs to answer these questions and then another post of at least a solid paragraph to respond to another group member.

  • To what extent do you agree with the editorials? Disagree? Why?
  • In addition, these were all written some time ago. Do you think the advice holds? Are there limitations to writing succinctly in the ways the editorials advise?
  • Next, analyze the “Secondhand Smoke” pdf. Friedman upholds this as a model scientific article. In what ways do you think this article is successful? In what ways are you critical of it?