1. Which of the following is the most complete DNA database?


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2. The Office of Intelligence and Analysis, the Directorate for National Protection and

Programs, and the U.S. Secret Service are all part of the

A. Homeland Security Advisory Council.

B. Department of Justice.

C. Department of Homeland Security.

D. Homeland Security Advisory Division.

3. Which level of policing typically focuses on highway safety?

A. U.S. Marshals

B. Local law enforcement

C. County law enforcement

D. State law enforcement

4. In the 1970s, a study in Kansas City, Missouri, sought to quantify the effectiveness of

patrol. What did the researchers discover?

A. Changes in the frequency of patrol had little impact on crime patterns.

B. Aggressive patrol efforts aimed at lifestyle crimes reduced the violent crime rate.

C. Targeting gun crimes would lead to a significant decrease in homicides.

D. Proactive patrolling worked exceptionally well.