A grievance technique is developed to secure workers’ rights and give more noteworthy statutory security to workers (Cowling & James, 1994). In unionized association, the grievance methodology is made in group assertion between representatives union and businesses (Lewin, 2001). The presence of this method could be deciphered to backing the mechanical relations viewpoint that clash in the job relationship is broad and persevering (Dalton & Todor, 1982).. Taking after this thinking, the grievance strategy could be seen as high-contribution or critical thinking work polish. Separated from being a medium for the determination of clashes, a compelling grievance framework can serve as a monitoring system for detecting any undesirable situation arising in the industry (Mantemieja & Enid 1991). the need for grievance procedure is important if the problems that arise are not satisfactorily dealt within inconsistent manner (Green, 1987).
For the most part, the grievance technique incorporates few stipulations. The system for determining individual grievances should be straightforward and absent details (Salamon, 2000; Mills, 1994). The grievance technique ought to be in composed (Industrial Harmony Code for Conduct, n.d) and just serves issues identified with representatives’ grievances. Cases that include order or other manifestation of clashes ought to utilize other proper determination hardware. The representatives should likewise be clarified, now and again, the presence of grievance method and urged them to raise their disappointments formally through this methodology. The exposure of the standards of an organization safeguards that those captivated in it recognizes what limits on behaviour to expect on each other and what sorts of activities are admissible (Rawl, 1971). Along these lines, a worker who has a grievance require not go from column to post, not knowing where to go or whom to approach. The rule ought to likewise accommodate a road of request, in the event that he neglects to get fulfilment from the prompt prevalent whom he has approached (D’cruz, 1999, Gordon & Miller, 1984). There ought to be open door
for the representative to allude the grievance to larger amounts of administration (if appropriate). A grievance strategy ought to detail a period limit for submitting the request furthermore a stipulated time confine by which it will be chosen at the first level of request. The disappointment to document a grievance over an amplified time of time is liable to be substitute for being unwilling to participate in grievance action (Klaas & Thomas, 1994). The labourer has the right to be spoken to by his union, on the off chance that he is an union part. Grievances determined at a lower level ought to end there, and ought not be re-submitted to a higher level for re-examination
or audit. After common grievance determination was arrived at, Wyman (1971) recommended that chiefs must give a composed response in regards to grievance determination conclusion to wronged subordinate. Wyman (1971) coded that not at all like oral replies to unwritten grievances, the composed response must adjust to built convention which descends from the administration. What’s more convention announcements that the composed grievance must be shorn of each other impinging component however pervasive and controlling. A composed respond in due order regarding grievance administration is imperative as a record for point of reference case if the same issue emerge in future. The necessity for recorded grievance determination result additionally required if the grievance is alluded to the following venture in grievance technique (Industrial Concordance Code for Conduct, n.d).
The research is focusing on the evaluation of the tools and techniques of Employee Grievance Handling towards employees satisfaction and attempts to create a strong foundation through which findings can be related to a industry which is producing food product sugar in India. Therefore the following research objectives have been created to analyze and define the studies as the main purpose.
1. To review and study the nature of grievances by analyzing various aspects related to working environment.
2. To investigate the method adopted by the organization to solve the employee grievances at Nizam Sugar Factory.
3. To demonstrate the impact of grievance handling procedures on the performance of the employees towards the work.
4. To analyse whether the employees are satisfied with the management and subordinates by applying a survey to the employees of Nizam Sugar Factory and to provide the necessary recommendations to adopt for the employees satisfaction.