1. why does the author go to such great lengths to describe the furnishings of the Younger apartment? what do these furnishings and the state they are in say about the family’s lives?

2.what can you deduce about the character of Walter Lee and Beneatha’s father, not only from the way his family talks about him but from the character of the family itself?

3. who has Ruth actually gone to see instead of the doctor? why does the consider taking this route?

4. Mama tells walter that something is eating him up, something that has to do with more that just money. what do you think this is?

5. what does the Younger’new house signify to ruth? to mama? why does walter so strongly resist the idea of moving?

6. what does asagai expect from a woman? what does George expect from a woman? would either of them be satisfied with beneathea? could she be happy with either of them?

7.What are walter’s fantasies after mama gives him charge of the money? why are they so obiously unrealistic, even destructive?

8. Does walter’s failed investment confirm mama’s belief that the Youngers are not businessmen but plain working folks?

9. what does walter mean when he refers to his sister as a new negro? and why does she call him and rugh old-fashioned negroes?

10.How does Lindner use language to make his proposal to the Youngers sound almost like a reasonable one? Is it true that a man, right or wrong, has the right to want to have the neighborhood he lives in a certain kind of way (117)? Is a actually a right when it infringes on the rights or ignores the humanity of others?

11.Why is Mama’s little plant so important to her? What does she mean when she says It expresses ME

12.What does the absence of light in the Youngers’apartment signify?

13. who are willy and bobo?

14. why is mama getting a check for $10,000

15. What is beneatha’s attitude towrads God?

16. Why did Mama call Walter a disgrace to his fatherÂ’s memory?

17.What did Mama do with her money?

18.What did Mama do with her money?

19.Where had Walter been going instead of to work?

20.Who is Karl Lindner, and why did he visit the youners?

21.What was WalterÂ’s reaction to Lindner?

22.What news did Bobo bring Walter Lee?

23.What does Asagai ask Beneatha to do?

24.What fault does Mama find with herself?

25.what solution does walter have?