The report you submit will consist of five sections in total and three major sections as outlined above: 1. In the introduction you will justify and provide the pieces of data that have contributed to your product choice (see the guidance notes below for content and approach) (10%) 2. A tailored, and product related macro-environmental analysis centred on the PESTLE framework. You will need to provide and present the most current secondary data in the field, critically utilising and presenting data from verified sources such as KEYNOTE and Mintel (30%). See the guidance notes below for content and approach. 3. We require a distinct section dealing proposing and evaluating the STP process in relation to your proposed product. This section should offer a clear rationale and should contain appropriate justification for all strategic choices (30%). See the guidance notes below for content and approach. 4. Specific recommendations in relation to the market offering for the proposed target audience. The MD at this point will expect to to frame your operational decisions utilising modern marketing mix frameworks to ensure the currency and relevance of the outlined strategic direction (20%). See the guidance notes below for content and approach. 5. Your conclusion should provide a brief synopsis of your choice and possibly hint at future direction (10%) See the guidance notes below for content and approach. 6. You should provide 20 academic references in the Harvard style (10%). Of central importance is the necessity of combining both practical and theoretical marketing to ensure the robustness of your submission. Consequently the following guidelines will be of crucial importance. Introduction This brief, but important section will provide the reader (the marker) with an overview of your product, the reasons for choosing it, and all set against the backdrop of the market and its trend. Simply you must convey in a concise manner what were the key elements that lead to your decision to introduce your food product. You might want to evidence that certain demographics are increasing and others decreasing and that lifestyles are changing. Additionally you might consider diverse elements such as personal income, pricing structures individual preferences and beliefs, (potential) cultural traditions, as well as geographical, environmental, social and economic factors that impact on this area. However, remember we do not need detail at this point just an OVERVIEW that will provide context for the remainder of the assessment. Marks will be awarded for: Rationale: Why you’ve chosen your product (This must be supported with data) Clarity: Reasons for choosing you product (This must be supported with data) Suitability: Evidence of market fit and product viability (This must be supported with data) Market overview/Meso overview In this section provide the reader (the marker) with some key indicators of how the Men’s cosmetic and grooming market is currently aligned. Consider overall worth, forecasts relating growth or potential decline, any important predictions, main consumer segments, the main brands and therefore distribution channels that are active in your market.